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One-on-one vip Brand Strategy workshop

Go From Brand Fog to Brand Clarity

You can almost see it, you have the vision, but you can't quite put it together. Something is missing in your business. This one-on-one deep dive into your brand strategy and design will help you get the clarity you need to move forward in and start reaching your goals.

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A distinct brand strategy is the starting point of a successful business, it’s the framework on which everything else in your business is built.

  • It helps you form the language to be able to clearly articulate who you serve and why.
  • It helps you develop products and services that your ideal clients want to buy.
  • It helps you create a cohesive visual aesthetic that attracts your ideal client.
  • It makes the process of developing a new program and designing your website and other brand graphics much easier.

Launching your brand doesn't have to be confusing. Together we will adjust and develop your brand strategy to help bring clarity and alignment to your business so that you can finally move forward and grow in the direction you desire.

What's Included:

+ Brand Strategy Workbook

+ 2-hour deep-dive brand strategy workshop via video call with Gisell

+ Brand Identity & Website Audit for existing brand, delivered via video feedback

+ If you don't have current brand identity we can develop a Mood Board together, I will also make font and color recommendations, plus tech/ website template recommendations to get you started.

+ 1 week of email follow up support

What I can do:

+ Naming

+ How to conduct market research

+ Ideal Client Profile

+ Messaging/ Story

+ Signature offer/ services development

+ And more...whatever is on your mind about developing your brand strategy

Investment: $450

Time Frame: 1 week of active working together + 1 week of support via email

I'm ready to GET STARTED

How It Works:

1.  Reserve your consultation

YAY! After you've booked your consultation you will receive a welcome email with your Brand Strategy Workbook. You'll have time to complete it prior to your session so that we can make the most of our time together.

2.  It's consult day- Whoop! Whoop!

During our session, we will dive into your Brand Strategy workbook responses and the major pain points that you feel are more pressing to discuss.

3.  Get final feedback + audit reports

The week of your session, I will email you with my final feedback on action steps you can take to move your brand forward. You will also receive your brand identity audit and/or Mood Board  and your website audit or site template suggestions.

4.  Take Action!

A plan doesn't work unless you do. Start growing your brand by implementing the strategies we outlined together during our session and in the feedback. If you have any final questions ask them! You will have access to  email support for one week via text or email.

Still not sure if this is for you?

Try this self-assessment:

This is for you if:

  • You feel “stuck” in your business
  • Feel overwhelmed about making decisions in your business?
  • Are constantly flip-flopping back and forth on what you do and it’s preventing you from truly growing your business
  • You have an idea but you find it hard to answer the question of “Why does your business exist?”
  • Need help narrowing down your core offering or target market?
  • You’re open to honest and straightforward feedback, no sugar coating.
  • Willing to take action on the strategies we discuss

This is not for you if:

  • Don’t have even the slightest feeling of being “stuck”
  • Can quickly and easily make business decisions
  • Are set in the decisions you’ve made in your business and they are helping you grow
  • Know exactly why your business exists
  • Don’t need any help with your core offerings
  • Are not ready for honest feedback
  • Don’t have the time or energy to take action on the solutions we come up with

Brand Clarity VIP Week Application

Let's get it! Complete the application below to start the process. Applying ensures that we are a good fit, and I'm able to meet your expectations. I will get back to you within 48 hours with next steps on how to move forward.

Have more questions before applying? No problem, please send me your questions at